What Is The Healthiest Diet For A Dog?

Dogs are among the best animals that people keep in their homes-pets. This is because of the wisdom, faithfulness, and their human-friendly behavior. Over the years, the concern has been how to feed dogs.

There was a time people feed to dogs the food they ate mainly because dogs are also omnivorous and worse they are not choosy at all with what they feed on.

Dogs have their own diet that should be observed. This is because dogs require so many types of nutrients in their life in different stages.


What we are trying to say here is that a puppy dog needs nutrients that an adult dog doesn’t need. That is why most vets will always advise you on feeding various dog supplements to your dog in different stages of their life.

How much should I feed my dog?

Being a pet, most people fail to understand that dogs can become obese due to overfeeding. Current studies show that a large proportion of dogs kept as pets become overweight after some time. This is because of the uncontrolled feeding of dogs by their owners.


You should create a time-table with the help of the vet on how to feed the dog. Remember, the breed of the dog also determines the amount to eat every day.

What is the healthiest diet for dogs?

This is quite a hard question to tackle. There is no exact food that you should feed your dogs. However, there are various types of foods that contain nutrients fit for these pets. An ideal meal for your dog should have something to do with;

-Raw eggs.
-Coconut oil.
-Green tape.
-Organ meats.
-Milk thistle etc.

In short, you should offer your dog a balanced diet and supplement once in a while. It is you to decide what healthy feeding habit you should adopt for your dog. However, if your dog is healthy, the feces look good, and they have an appetite, you are on the right track.