What is the Best Protein Powder?

Whether you are trying to reach your personal goals in your workout, wanting to drop some pound or just looking to gain muscle, protein powder can help you reach your fitness and wellness ambitions. Some of the benefits of protein include keeping you full post workout and aiding in your muscle recovery. In fact, there are an endless array of protein powders in the market today, however, when selecting the best protein powder, it is good to stick to your budget, goals in mind and dietary restrictions.

If are looking for something unique and affordable, then whey protein is the most popular option you should go with. It comes in a ton of different flavors including strawberry, chocolate, and even vanilla. Even more, if you are looking for a vegan option, you can try a concoction that gets in legumes, nuts, or vegetables and has zero dairy content.


Nonetheless, if weight loss is your ultimate goal, then look for a powder with casein. Casein is a type of protein that emanates from cow’s milk-it keeps you satisfied until the next full meal. Besides, it prevents you from snacking. Additionally, whey is also great in weight loss since it can boost your metabolism and burn more calories in the long run.

Below, we have rounded up some of the best protein powders. Read on to find the perfect one for your specific goals.

1. MuscleTech Nitro Pure Whey

If you are an athlete and you are looking to gain more strength, mass and get better performance, Nitrotech Pure is your golden ticket. This protein powder is mostly loved by bodybuilders. Besides, it contains 30 grams of pure protein per serving mostly from whey peptides and whey protein isolate, 3 grams of HPLC tested creatine, 6.8g of BCAA amino and 5grams of glutamine and precursor.

2. Pure Casein Protein Powder

Casein is a slow digesting milk protein that can assist you in gaining a steady stream of fuel over several hours. Casein powder has a simple formula and only contain two ingredients. However, since it does not contain any sugar or fruit extract, the taste is very plain and chalky.


If you want to enjoy taking it, you can throw in a blend with milk to give it some taste. Nonetheless, it is worthy to note that it is also a great source of calcium. In each 30 grams servings, there are 484 milligrams of calcium, which is 48% of the RDA.

3. Soy Protein Powder

If you want to go dairy free, then you need to consider taking soy protein powder. It is an essential protein with a complete set of amino acids. Additionally, in every 24 grams of serving, it delivers 20 grams protein. Besides, it is low in fat and carbohydrates. Nevertheless, the powder is unflavored and hence you might find it tasteless. Nonetheless, the Soy protein powder has a smooth texture that allows you to mix it well with other ingredients. In fact, you can try it with your morning oatmeal or smoothie.