What is Expat health insurance?

Expat health insurance is a cover that provides international medical coverage to the people living, working, or volunteering abroad. It provides protection that suits a person lifestyle needs and will not compromise even while in another country while they need medical attention. Expatriate health insurance can comprise different plans such as international health, travel, and trip insurance plans.

Expat Health Insurance Plans

It is a worldwide norm that expats are not under cover of a corporate or group health plan. It is due to the fact that their needs may be different to what the cover in the local country is offering. Thus, they need their own protection that is tailored to their specific needs. The insurance that’s covering an expat has to be the same as the one they can receive back home. It also has to cover any risk that can occur in a foreign country such as terrorism.


The policy can provide either a worldwide or regional medical coverage depending on a client’s financial capability. The policy cover includes components such as trip insurance, evacuation services, and repatriation services. The best international health insurance providers have the best network of hospitals. Therefore, the quality of medical service someone receives is the best an expat can receive.

How Much Does The Policy Cost

The calculations depend on the policyholders’ place of origin and depend on factors such as age, medical history and the country they are going to live. The plan will be either be worldwide excluding the USA or the Worldwide coverage.

Depending on the insurance company they can exclude areas that pose a higher risk to the expat. The price is determined on the cost of healthcare in the given country and the risk level involved in living in that country.

Flexibility and Maintenance of Cover

A health insurance for expats is a plan that covers someone in all the countries they visit. The countries have to be on the list of places covered. This kind of insurance is appropriate for people who travel to different countries in a year.

The coverage is regardless of where someone gets sick; they should get the full benefits of the cover. However, the benefits may be limited if you are involved in a health issue in your home country.

The Application Process

An applicant will be asked several questions to determine the premium that they should pay. The medical history is important for the insurance company to know the risk they are covering. The applicant is required to provide documentation that they will have sourced from qualified physicians. When the applicant is symptom and treatment free, they will always be liable to be underwritten when they claim against the company.


For Short Term Coverage for Travelers

People who are traveling for a short period may take policies that are not annual. The plans are less expensive. They may prefer to take insurance covers that are either single trip or multi trips.

It is essential for an expat to do thorough research before they settle for health insurance while working abroad. The policy has to cover all their needs. By signing with a reputable agency with good policies, you’ll be able to live your life without being stressed a lot. This is because you will have your health covered.