What are the Possible Risks of Wearing Sunglasses and How to Choose the Right Ones

Whatever we do in life brings certain health risks, while also saves us from something else. But, did you ever think that sunglasses would end up on that list as well? Well, apparently, there are research papers that show that wearing sunglasses increases the risk of skin cancer. This is because they block the UV rays that go to the eye, which tricks the brain into thinking that there are no harmful UV rays – as a result, our bodies don’t protect us as well as they should. However, this all wouldn’t be so interesting if it weren’t for all the positive effects of sunglasses. So, stick with us if you want to check out both the good and the bad aspects.

What are the pros for wearing sunglasses


There are many reasons to wear sunglasses all year long. The first and most obvious one is UV protection. It will protect you from the whole spectrum of UV rays. That is, if you get the right glasses. With this, your eyes will be safe from damage and scarring.

 Another thing which makes sunglasses a good investment is the comfort you will feel whether you step out into the sun, or in the snow during winter. It will make your eyes adapt better, and prevent you from squinting. 

For those who have problems with their vision, quality novelty contact lenses will protect the eye, as well as enhance environmental clarity. You can use them in any occasion since there are daily, party, and colored lenses, and you will be sure that your vision will be clear. UV protective contact lenses will keep your eyes safe from the harmful rays, and you can even enhance the effect by applying sunscreen around your eyes since that part of your body is thin and easily damaged. 

Lastly, there is the esthetics, and a good pair of sunglasses can definitely style up any look.

How to choose the right sunglasses


We have already mentioned how sunglasses can affect the development of skin cancer. And although it is a very serious matter, there are some ways you can still wear them and make sure you are protected enough. Another common problem when wearing sunglasses is that we are tricking our body to think there is less light than there actually is, especially if we wear dark sunglasses. Our bodies produce less melanin in response, which causes darkening of the skin and can lead to skin cancer. So, again, lightly tinted sunglasses are the best option.

There are other qualities you should look for when buying sunglasses. Aside from the UV protection they should have, you should choose the correct size as well. The bigger the sunglasses, the more sensitive skin around your eyes will be protected and you will lessen the risk of any skin damage. Don’t opt for dark lenses at all costs, because that doesn’t necessarily mean they provide the best protection. However, do use them when on the beach or when you are skiing. For everyday activities choose light to medium lenses because they will protect your eyes, but they will still be able to detect UV rays which your body will recognize as well. Polarized lenses are also a good option to wear when you are out in the bright sun or snow, since they will eliminate the harsh glare, but they usually don’t have protection from UV rays. 

There are certain risks to wearing sunglasses. However, they are not significant enough to stop wearing them completely. The only thing we have to do is learn how to choose both them and contact lenses correctly, and we can be sure that our eyes and skin will be protected.