What Are The Effects Of Overconsumption

The world has grown over the years. Each year becoming more modern. With more people now, there is more people using up natural resources. Overconsumption is when a natural resource has been used too much. This causes damage to the Earth.

What are the effects of overconsumption?

▪︎ Severe loss of healthy drinking water. Water is an important factor in our life. We need it to survive. Running out of drinking water could lead to a major crisis.


▪︎ Overall animal extinction. This includes the animals of the wild such as elephants and lions, farm animals such as chickens and cows, and even seafood such as fish and crabs.

▪︎ Killing the forests. When the forests get removed it is killing the natural oxygen. With less clean air to circulate, air pollution will increase.

▪︎ Loss of medicinal plants. These plants help with health issues and have healing abilities. Medicine will not be available anymore.

▪︎ Loss of plant based food. Bushes, plants, gardens, trees, and any other plant based food you can eat.

▪︎ Oil and Ozone reduction. With a severe reduction in oil production can lead to energy problems. Air pollution will be drastically increased with the reduction of the Ozone.


▪︎ Forced migration. Having no food resources to eat, no fresh water to drink, people will be forced to migrate wherever they can find them. At this time people will be fighting and stealing to provide for their families.

With the major population growth the more products made the more resources used. The planet needs to reproduce in order to keep us alive and healthy. Overconsumption leaves the planet short of materials for us to use. It can’t grow fast enough. navigate to this site.

It’s important to give back as much as possible. Plant trees to replace the ones cut down every year. Grow a garden, they can be small pot gardens or huge inground gardens. Learn how to cut back on your usage of resources. There are many ways you can cut back or give back to the Earth.