Supporting Your Loved One after a Car Accident

According to the statistics of the Australian Government, there have been 729 deaths (provisional) caused by car accidents in Australia in 2019. This is 75 deaths (11.5%) higher than the same period last year. If your loved one has been fortunate enough to avoid the deathly outcome, you’ll need to offer them huge and very committed emotional and any other support they might need in this transitional period. They’ll need time to heal and fully recover, which will probably have them depend on you for various mundane activities as well as a few more challenging occurrences. Here’ how you can be there for them. 

Make them food

If somebody’s been disabled for a while and they can’t take care of themselves for the time being, you should offer to cook or bring food for them if you’re not kitchen-savvy. Not only will you be certain that they’ve had a proper meal or two during the day, but you’ll also keep your loved one company and make time go faster that day. Making them coffee or bringing a delicious dessert will certainly give them a bit of mood boost and make them forget about their problems for some time.

Be there for anything they need


Injured people won’t be able to do everyday activities for at least a few weeks, in which case you should jump in and help around with errands. Be it grocery shopping, dry cleaning or maybe paying the bills, your loved ones will be forever grateful that you’ve taken some time to attend to their needs. Australia has various health providers which could help you assist your loved ones in their recovery. If you’re from Liverpool, for example, you should look for occupational therapists who’ll make sure your loved one can shower, go to the kitchen and move around the house freely after the home was modified to their needs. You’ll easily find good occupational therapy in Liverpool and offer your loved one only the best care while giving yourself peace of mind because you’ll know the therapists can offer your family member independence with daily living tasks. Furthermore, if your loved one is a parent, you could also apply for babysitting to cut down the costs and spend quality time with little ones.

Hire a lawyer

Hiring a lawyer should be one of the essential ways in which you’ll want to help your loved one after an accident. Namely, insurance companies will try to take advantage of your loved ones’ vulnerability unless they have a good lawyer. They will probably try to force a settlement for a lot less than what is owed to your loved one, which is only one of the reasons to hire an attorney sooner rather than later. They’ll start investigating your loved one’s injury, relieve them of the aggravation of dealing with the insurance company, collect all important information on the accident and refer your loved one to medical specialists who can testify about your loved one’s injuries. In some cases, insurance companies may offer resistance in paying what they owe to the injured party, in which case a good attorney will fight them to obtain the maximum compensation they need or even take the insurance company to trial if they will not pay a fair settlement.

Offer emotional support


Sometimes, the emotional support is more important than the physical one, so make sure you are there for your loved one if they need to talk to someone or just have a person to be by their side more than usual. If they are disabled for a while or maybe permanently, adjusting to the new way of life will be difficult, which is why a word from a loved one will mean the world to them and prevent them from becoming depressed or worse. 

Final thoughts

Supporting your loved one after a car accident will require you to make more time for them than usual, but it’ll all be more than necessary. You should work towards making them feel better quickly and with the previously mentioned tips, they’ll recover in no time and enjoy life again.