Pain On Outside Of Lower Leg Above Ankle

Mishaps tend to happen unexpectedly, and you may suffer an injury in any part of the body. Injuries or damage on the lower part of the body signifies some damage caused either to a tissue tendon or muscle. While working with an injury around the leg area, you may experience some level of discomfort.

Ankles are sensitive joints and points in the body that help distribute our weight to the feet for stability and mobility purposes.

Any injury caused near the ankle may render an individual incapable of moving around. Any discomfort experienced around the ankle region, whether it’s on the upper or lower part it should be treated with a matter of urgency. At times this kind of pain might be accompanied by swelling around the affected area.


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Blood clot

At times when participating in physical exercises that need the use of the ankle, some discomfort might be felt. The upper ankle region could cause some dull pain as a result of a blood clot.

This can be an indication of damage to the tissue around the area which needs some medical attention to ease the pain.

Another possible reason might be the deep venous thrombosis (DVT) a condition that is accompanied by swelling with a bulging feeling, tenderness, discomfort, especially when using the ankle region as the pivotal support. A possible reason for this would be DVT, which needs some medical intervention.


Another possible explanation for this could be inflammation of some nerves in the region above the ankle. Some of the nerves around this area that might be prone to injury are the sciatic, upper sacral, or lower lumbar nerve. An indication to show it might be probable cause it that it is accompanied by pain on the thigh.

Additionally, such conditions may come with some difficulty in breathing that implies an individual might be suffering from a pulmonary embolism. Emergency medical attention is needed if an individual starts to experience such symptoms.