How Do You Replace Testosterone

Men with low testosterone hormone levels in their blood are always advised by their doctors to consider replacing it where necessary. The physician is the only person who can advise you on what to do in the case where you experience low testosterone symptoms.

Testosterone levels in men usually become low with age throughout their lifetime. Note that, there are other conditions such as stress, depression, fatigue, poor diet and lack of muscle mass which can lead to this condition.

If a doctor realizes that a man experiences a challenge in testosterone, he or she can recommend treatment or replacement for you. Unfortunately, some testosterone replacement therapy is usually associated with severe side effects.


When you visit testosterone replacement clinic, the doctor can also advise you to take testosterone hormone supplements that can boost your testosterone levels. These supplements come in different forms which include the following.

1. Skin Patch

It is usually worn either on the upper part of the body or the arm. The application of endoderm in the body is generally done once in a day.

2. Gels

They come in packets and include Testim, AndroGel, Fortesta, Natesto, and Axiron. They allow testosterone hormone to be absorbed in the body via the skin or how your physician instructs you. For instance, Natesto is usually applied in an individual nose. The application of the gel in the body is made once in a day.

3. Mouth patch


Striant tablets can be applied in the mouth on the upper gums on top of the incisor. It sticks there for some time, and that is how testosterone is absorbed in your body. It is applied two times a day.

4. Implants and injections

The testosterone hormone can be implanted in body tissues that are soft or even injected into body muscles. The hormone after that gets absorbs directly into the bloodstream.

It is critical to consult your doctor when facing testosterone hormone levels issues. He or she will offer you the right ideas on how to replace it.