How Can I Increase My Bone Density After 50

Have you given up on your bone density simply because you feel you have kicked to old age? That should never be your problem at all. You can still achieve the right bone density even if you feel old. It all needs you to be disciplined enough on how you take care of your body through physical activities and diet. Discover More on the simple ways of increasing bone density after 50:

1. Eat plenty of vegetables

The major mistake why some people do not increase their bone density at 50 is because they feel that they have worked enough and so they should rest and eat well. In their desire to eat well, they underestimate the value of vegetables in their meals.


This is wrong. If you have to increase your bone density, you will have to take vegetables. Vegetables are good sources of vitamin C. the vitamin C stimulates the production of born forming cells. Besides, it is antioxidant which protects your bone from getting damaged.

2. Take part in strength training exercises

Exercise helps you to build and maintain strong bones. You do not have to relax at 50 and expect a boost in the bone density. You should do your best to exercise so that your bones can continue developing.

Remember if you do not perform any weight-bearing exercise, the bones become inactive and so will never improve. Studies show that older people who perform weight-bearing exercise are an able increase in bone mineral density, bone size, as well as bone strength.

3. Have enough protein intake


50% of your bone is made of protein. What does this tell you? You have to take plenty of protein as a way of giving your body the raw material for manufacturing bones. Law protein intake reduces the rate of calcium absorption in the body hence affecting the rate of bone formation. Even at 50, you need an active process of bone formation. You can boost this rate by taking plenty of proteins.