Health Benefits of Short Winter Walks

However much it might be cold outside, you should always opt for going out for some short walks, although, some people use winter season as an excuse to stay indoors curling up on a couch with hot tea or cocoa. There are many good reasons why you should take some short walks during winter, do not let winter prevent you from gaining the following benefits;

Burn calories

Burning extra calories by up to 30% can be achieved by taking a walk in the cold weather; this is because, during the walk, your body works very hard to stay warm. Exposing yourself regularly to a mild cold winter may offer a very sustainable and healthy way of increasing the energy expenditure.


Boosts brain

If you have fit legs then your brain must be fit as well, this is because of a recent UK study that found that if your level of walking is increased then you should be ready for a long-term leg power improvement which in turn bring positive impacts to your brain. Walking is very good for your brain, it also improves your wellbeing, and you can also improve your mood, if you are depressed then it can be used as a remedy as well since it reduces the symptoms of depression.

Lowers the risk of a heart disease

If you stay inside your house during winter, you will not be able to catch a glimpse of the winter sun; therefore, you should expose yourself to the sun in order to get vitamin D which is very important especially for maintaining a healthy heart.

Again, if your body is used to the winter cold, you will fall ill less often because of the fact that your body has strengthened against all the attacks of winter germs.

Strengthen bones

Getting outside for at least two to three times per week to get winter sun is very important since it helps in production of more Vitamin D, and having vitamin D in our body is very important since it helps the bones to enable the body to absorb the bone-strengthening calcium in a proper way hence making our bones strong. Ensure that you take advantage of the sun that comes during winter to enjoy this benefit.

It is good for the joints

If you are going through joint problems, then regular exercise is the perfect thing to do, this should be done as much as this condition can allow you to, and walking will help in monitoring your weight and preventing stiffness and any swelling, be it from the knee or the leg.


It is important that you walk with a friend as you converse and also aim at getting warm; this will enable you to get the most of these benefits. You should not use walking sticks because this will make you use your arms more than any other part of your body, walking freely will enable you to increase your workout level.

It is also important that you remember to plan your route when going out, you should go into the wind but when going back home the wind should be at your back and take small steps when going downhill.