Five Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Body During Winter Months

Cold weather has a negative impact on skin and increases your chances of getting sick if you don’t think about prevention on time. Here’s what you can do to minimize doctor appointments and keep your body healthy during the harsh winter months.

Drink enough water

It’s particularly important to drink the right amount of water during winter. Insufficient consumption of water leads to dehydration, which our body sometimes interprets as hunger. This makes us eat when in fact we crave for some refreshment. Remember to stay hydrated by having a glass of water at your desk at home or work. Also, carry a bottle of water with you when you go outside. Drinking enough water also helps the skin stay hydrated.

Healthy habits

Increase the amount of fruit and vegetables you eat every day. Veggies like carrots, tomatoes and cucumbers are beneficial for both body and skin. Make sure to take sufficient amounts of vitamin C and zinc to help your body defend from diseases. Also, stay away from sugar as much as possible. This doesn’t include only chocolates, but pasta, bread, rice, and heavily-sweetened juices as well. Sugar comes in many forms that can have a negative influence on our health. Avoid caffeine and take a cup of green tea instead of coffee to feel more refreshed and charged. Cut down on cigarettes and alcohol, as these nasty habits, apart from being completely unhealthy, make it easier for you to catch a cold.

Protect your skin

Wash your face and hands in lukewarm water to preserve your skin’s natural oils. Apply a moisturizer right after you wash them, to make them super smooth. When choosing the right moisturizer, opt for an oil-based one to ensure moisture in your skin during cold weather. Use exfoliating products, particularly for hands and face, to peel off dead cells and rejuvenate your skin. In case you want to go a step further,, consider procedures like
sculpsure  in Perth to help you get rid of those additional layers of fat, but make sure to previously consult a doctor. During winter skin is frailer, so make sure to use products suitable for sensitive skin. Our skin needs sun protection even in winter, so regularly apply sunscreen on exposed areas. Also, don’t forget to wear gloves and scarves to protect the skin from snowy and windy weather.

Indoor workout

Chilly weather shouldn’t be an excuse to stop exercising. You can get a proper workout indoors and keep your body in shape while staying warm. Consider taking up dancing lessons, yoga, or pilates. There are many places that offer classes you can attend without becoming a member. If you don’t want to go outside, there are plenty of YouTube videos for home workout that can help you stay fit while enjoying the comfort of your own home, and saving money.

Minimize stress

High stress levels make you more prone to getting sick, according to studies. Take some time off to relax and relieve from stress. Don’t overwhelm yourself with work and spare some time for friends and family. Make sure to get enough sleep and you’ll feel fresh and full of energy in the morning. Exercising, active life, and lots of laughter can help you get rid of stress and negative emotions.

Cold days are ahead of us, so take all the necessary steps to maintain a healthy body and keep illnesses at bay during winter.