Driving Phobia: An Ideal Treatment

Different people have different phobias, and there is no person in the world who is simply fearless. However, phobias abound and people not only fear the common things such as death, spiders or heights, but it can exceed to something much more bizarre, such as buttons, small holes or even other people. One of the phobias that many have, even though it is not actually a phobia per se as it is huge discomfort, is driving phobia. Fear of driving is the result of a lack of confidence when it comes to driving, but the good thing is that it can easily be overcome. How? If you are one of those who cannot fathom to drive a car by themselves, stay with us and see how you can be just like anyone else.

Have someone by your side

Once you finish with the classes and obtain your driver’s license, it’s time to hit the road. Now, this is exactly when the phobia happens and when you start to experience anxiety. The first step in overcoming this is to have someone by your side every time you drive by yourself. Having someone you trust and who can make this task much more pleasant is definitely something you should have in mind. If you are anxious and if you are scared to drive alone, it’s better not to. Your best friend or a member of the family can be a good choice to be in the passenger’s seat (but bear in mind that sometimes family makes us more scared of driving then we actually are, so it’s good to think twice before you opt for such a step).

Choose good instructors

The fear of driving happens when you are not completely sure that you are a good driver and when you are not confident enough. The person who should calm you down and give you the boost of confidence that you need is definitely your driving instructor. If you don’t obtain the confidence you need at the very beginning, it will be more difficult in the future. This is why you should always look for trusted choices such as Ezlicence that offer driving lessons which will not only teach you how to drive but also the right approach to driving. If you happen to land with a driving instructor whose personality doesn’t match yours, don’t be scared to ask for a replacement. A good driving instructor matters a lot.

Create a positive atmosphere

Next up, make sure that you always feel comfortable in your own car. This is another key feature in not being scared of driving, and it can be achieved in different ways. The first option would be to invest in a good car scent so that you actually feel nice when you enter your car. Moreover, you can also modify the seats so that they fit your body in the best possible way. Finally, do not forget the power of music. Feel-good music is a must-have in your car, as it can give you that small boost of confidence that you might need. Browse around for great driving playlists – if you are still not 100% confident in your driving, do not go with slow-tempo songs, as they will only affect your negative mood a bit more. My Favorite Game by The Cardigans and similar songs are great choices. 

Daytime drive at first

There are positive things about driving both in the day and in the night. The day might be a lighter time to drive around and you will be able to better see what is happening around you, while during the night the streets will be emptier and you will be able to drive without thinking too much about the traffic. However, once you learn how to drive during the day, you will be able to drive during the night without any problem, and this is why daytime driving should be your teacher and the best time to drive in order to conquer the driving fear you are experiencing.

As you can see, it is not very difficult to be confident in your driving skills. Yes, it might be easier said than done, but simply trust yourself, have someone by your side who will help you see that you are a good driver and invest in a good instructor and a good driving school. Hopefully, you will be a great driver in no time. Good luck!