5 Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is mostly known for its many health benefits which has made it a valuable product in many people’s homes. The plant which naturally grows and thrives in warm hot climates is usually turned into different products such as supplements and body lotions among others.

This is because different sections of the plant have different capabilities. It remains one of the most effective products since its discovery which was ages ago. Some of the benefits of aloe Vera include:

Healing of wounds

Aloe Vera is one of the commonly used remedies for wounds such as burns. Its effects are so great such that it was approved as an over the counter drugs for burns. This benefit has also made it the best choice for first and second degree burns.


Although some people use it on other types of wounds, there hasn’t been a scientific proof of its effects on such. It is however great for sunburn treatments, which is why most sunburn lotions are made with aloe Vera. It is usually applied directly on the wounded area.

Improving digestion

Indigestion can cause a lot of discomfort and sometimes pain. Aloe Vera has compounds that can take this away giving you a “regular bowel movement”. The compound is known as aloin and is found beneath the leaf when the skin is pulled off. It gives aloe Vera a laxative effect that allows you to have easy bowel movement.

In addition, aloe Vera can help eliminate harmful bacteria in your digestive system leading to a better and more functional system.

Reducing plaque

Dental hygiene is one of the most important factors when it comes to grooming. However, some people experience problems with their mouth, teeth and gums frequently which can be frustrating. This is often attributed to the presence of plaque in the teeth. Aloe Vera can take away such problem when used to rinse the mouth.


It was found to have the same properties as the conventional mouthwash as well as the ability to eliminate bacteria and yeast in the mouth.

Slows aging

Everybody wants to age gracefully. Nobody like to have a wrinkled skin especially when they still consider themselves young. When applied on the skin, aloe Vera can make you look young and your skin smooth. It does this by increasing the production of collagen and as such, making the skin cells more elastic.

This, together with moisture retention ability helps the skin stay rejuvenated and smooth giving it a younger appearance.

Prevents diabetes

Although diabetes is manageable, it can take a toll in its patients both physically, mentally and financially. Aloe Vera can provide relief especially if it’s type 1 diabetes. The patient will be required to take aloe vera pills which will help increase the level of glucose in the blood while making use of insulin. This presents a cheaper option and a more convenient solution to all diabetes patients and their loved ones.


Most of the health benefits of aloe Vera stems from the fact that it has many antibacterial and antioxidant compounds. Since bacteria is one of the major causes of illnesses to humans, aloe Vera is best placed to counter any attack. It is a great product that should be available in every home.