10 Common Signs of Drug Use and Addiction

Drug addiction is also known as substance use disorder, this is a disease that tends to affect an individual’s brain and the entire behavior of that person, and it, therefore, leads to your inability to control the intake of drugs and medication. An addicted person continues using a drug even if it causing harm to his or her health.

Drug addiction sometimes always starts with experimental use of some recreational drugs in the social situations, for some people, the first attempt becomes a daily dosage, and some people start their addiction from the prescribed medications. The types of drugs that one takes determine risk and pace of an addiction.


Addicted people always have that urge of taking larger doses of drugs as time passes, and hence they might find it difficult to go for a day or hours without taking drugs.

If you are an addict, it is important that you seek help from your doctor, your friends, support groups like the united recovery, or any organized treatment program that is made basically to help you in overcoming your addiction and be free from the addiction.


• The first sign of drug use and addiction is having the urge to often take the drugs, you might find it very hard to go through a day without taking a drug and might even fall sick because of this.

• An addict will always want to have more of the drug that he or she takes in order to get the same effect over and over.

• He or she always has the need of getting the drug to help him or her block any kind of thought.

• If you find that you are always ensuring that you are always supplied with the drug on a daily basis and in time, you have to know that you are addicted.

Drugs and Addictions

• If you find that you are missing on your responsibilities as well as not meeting your obligations and you have also started to stay away from your friends and family just to have your drug, note that it is an addiction.

• Continuously using that particular drug, even though you are aware of all the harm it is doing to your entire body and mental health and you have also started to witness these effects but you cannot stop it, you should be cautioned because this is an addiction.

• When you drive and engage yourself with the other risky activities when you are under the influence of a drug, you have to know that you are already addicted.

• If you have attempted to stop using the drug and failed, it just means that you are addicted.

• When you spend a lot of your time thinking about how you can have access to the drug and get more of it, when you will be able to take it and how you will feel afterward.

• You are finding it hard to get along with your co-workers, friends, your teachers as well as family members, and they also tend to complain about how bad you have turned to be or how your actions have changed to the negative side.